Lukas Grasse

CTO and Co-Founder of Reverb Robotics Inc.
Machine Learning and AI Consultant
Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience @ U of L


My name is Lukas, and I am CTO and Co-Founder of a startup called Reverb Robotics Inc. where our goal is to bring Auditory Perception to Robotics.

I have a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, M.Sc. in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge, and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge. I have experience in software development and machine learning for robotics as well as other industries.

I am also a consultant who specializes in Machine Learning and AI. I would be glad to help you. Send me an email or call me here: 403-415-5715.