Its crazy to think that its already been a week since I came to South Korea.

A week and a bit ago, Becky, Duane, their colleagues Seth and Megan, and I went to the Chiang Mai zoo.

The next day I flew to Bangkok and spent the night there before flying to Seoul. I spent a few days in Seoul.

I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

I also went on a hike up Dobongsan, on the edge of Seoul. An interesting experience going on this hike is that at the bottom of the trails there is a huge village of outdoor an adventure stores. Everyone there who was hiking was decked out in tons of hiking equipment. It almost looked like a everest expedition.

I also went to a night market, where I had sannakji, which is live octopus. Another interesting food was Bindaetteok, which is a pancake made of kimchi and mung beans.

The freshest seafood I've ever eaten #sannakji #seoul

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The last few days I have been staying in Busan, which is on the south-eastern part of Korea. It is holidays here, and the pace of everything has slowed down a lot. I’ve explored a little island and beach here.

So far Korea has been awesome.