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My Work

I have diverse experience in developing software for Web, Mobile, and Hardware. I work quickly to solve problems and develop solutions for your business.

Enterprise Software

Offset Studio

During my work as a developer at GuildOne I was on the team that developed the first version of OffsetStudio. This project involved mapping, geospatial queries, and combining data from multiple sources.
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Machine Learning

My experience with machine learning has been focused on Speech Recognition and Auditory Awareness for Robotics.

Transfer Learning for Sound Classification

Training machine learning models that identify sounds in the environment and then identifying sounds in realtime using a microphone.
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Speech Recognition - Speech Recognition for the iCub

The iCub is one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world. At TataLab, I have been working on improving how the iCub recognizes speech, and responds to hotwords such as it’s name.
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I have experience developing various apps for IOS and Android, including virtual reality apps and mobile games.

Wallach VR App

A virtual reality app created using the Google Cardboard SDK. The app is an experiment that tests how listeners perceive sound sources that are moving relative their head movements. You can check out the app on the Play Store or on Github.


RecycleBot is a fast-paced arcade style game. Help the robot recycle all the bins marked green, while avoiding all the dangerous bins marked red.
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Robotics/Arduino Projects

I have also built various hardware projects using Arduino.

Arduino Controlled Coffee Roaster

I enjoy good coffee and have been getting into coffee roasting recently. This project turns a popcorn popper into a computer controlled coffee roaster and is designed to be extremely low budget as a perfect first step into precision coffee micro-roasting.
Github Repo
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PhotoBot Audio

A prototype for a robot that turns to whoever is talking in an environment. It can be used to record interviews by turning to each speaker as they talk.
PhotoBot Audio

Web Development

I have developed websites for various businesses in Canada, and a political campaign.

Rachael Harder

I was on the team that developed the website and online presence for Rachael Harder’s campaign to run for Member of Parliament. She was voted in on October 19, 2015!
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Custom School Supplies

An online store that sells school supply kits and makes parents lives easier!
Custom School Supplies


An EEG and Robotics Lab that works at the intersection of Cognitive NeuroScience and Robotics.

SAAKIC - The Southern Alberta Acute Knee Injury Clinic

A multidisciplinary clinic which aims to provide timely access to definitive care for acute knee injuries, with no cost to the patient.

Grasse Lumber Sales

Locally Owned and Operated Lumberyard and Hardware Store in Didsbury, AB.


Hi, I'm Lukas!
A Software Developer Based in Lethbridge, Canada

I love applying technology to interesting problems. I have experience developing mobile apps, applying machine learning to problems, and developing sofware for robotics. Most of my recent work has been at TataLab, where we apply insights from neuroscience to improve auditory perception in robotics.

I also enjoy good coffee (and coffee roasting!), going hiking and on other adventures, and discovering new places.

You can get in touch with me via facebook or email: